On line booking
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Besides our fantastic beach resort- for season 2014 we will open two new properties! Check it out!


Adult time is awesome!

Adult time starts at Hotel Osam: for season 2014, Svpetrvs hoteli company is opening the first adult-only hotel in the heart of Supetar. This perfect little retreat called Osam, which the public will have the pleasure of experiencing in the summer of 2014, is the only boutique hotel for adults in Croatia. It will feature 30 rooms and suites, a pool area, Jazz rooftop bar overlooking the harbor and an unbelievable la carte restaurant providing a different cuisine experience.

Waterman Beach Village Camp

For all those who wish to explore their wild side and become more in tuned with nature, we offer the Waterman Beach Village experience.  Imagine a prime waterfront location with pine trees and a perfect little camp site - that is what Waterman Beach Village Camp will be all about. Svpetrvs is introducing a new camp concept in the season of 2014 and booking has already started! The camping site will feature a pool area, modern 4+2 camp houses with decks, a sea store, restaurant, kids playground and a beach. This gem will be able to accommodate over 200 guests and provide them with the best camping experience – the happy camper experience.


If you wish to become a happy camper or enjoy your adult time, contact us. Early birds get an extra 15 % off!



Enjoy the island lifestyle!